I went early to the Apple Store in Berlin. It was fun to wait in the fancy foyer, omg it was so cool. even if the lights flickered the whole time. scaryy!! XD

I met a few friends again, and for the first time Cumber-Hiddles, Farbenfrei and Tom-and-Ben!

The interview was super amazing and Steven (old family friend, even if that’s like 20 years ago) hosted the event and asked Mr. Feige and Mr. Taylor the questions. and like I knew Steven, very clever questions indeed.

I had the chance to thank Marvel for Lokis coming out a few days ago and ask about a stand alone Loki movie. Kevin said that in every country every fan asks him that and that they think about it, but have to be careful what to do next, but Marvel loves and trusted Loki with already three movies and they won’t forget him.

After the panel the guys signed and I had the chance to get my hot toys lokis cape signed, but then that happened:

somebody at the signing with Alan Taylor actually grabbed my butt! XD

ALAN TAYLOR: it wasn’t me!
ME: I know.
ME: yeah, I know!

oh my god. Then we had to leave but outside the next thing happened. Elisa pointed out Steven and I rushed to say hello and he remembered me and told me how grown up I am and it was super funny!^-^

then she saw Alan and we ran to him and asked him for a photo. but then…

so, yeah it was super amazing! and I will never forget it!

;_; Only Fabi did not find the store in time and that was so so sad;___;!

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