THESE MEN ROCK! (aka german police is awesome!)

lemme tell you a little story. ok? 

So my friend Bibi and I had a cosplay shooting with Cira at the main trainstation in Kiel. We were dressed as Loki and Black Widow from the Avengers and had a fake gun with us.

It totally went well and we posed, but always took care NOT to get in the way of the police/security. But that only worked for so long. As we were fighting fiercely in a corner they spotted us and…well, he knew they would kick us out and might even make us delete our photos. they came closer and asked us very firmly what we were doing and what kind of weapon we had there.

we showed them, totally afraid to get kicked out, but instead of anything like that they gave it back, laughing, nodding telling us how amazing the costumes looked. they staid around to watch, give us tips for poses, even talked about the movie for a while and help us take photos.

I never felt so bad about thinking lowly of the german police, or think they would not understand what we did. but they were just so great, and even after that when they saw us in costume they would nodded and greeted us.

Maybe you guys have stories like that too? share with us?

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