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                ASKBOX <—— Read all this before you message me!    
                ASKBOX <—— Read all this before you message me!    
                ASKBOX <—— Read all this before you message me!    

Fahr Sindram is my name, writing is the game. Friends call me Judesie or Fahr (some call me Dean and some call me Loki, and sometimes Engelchen and Hasi).

BORN: January 28, 19XX
LIVES: Berlin, Germany
HEIGHT: 1.72 cm
SEX: Yes please 

♬ ♬ : 30STM, Tori Amos, Linkin Park, Sting, Blind Guardian, Darren Hayes, OSTs, Danny Elfman, The Deadfly Ensemble, ASP, Subway to Sally, MUCC, Plast Tree, Laruku, An Cafe.
♥ ♥ : English actors , street fashion, Marvel, Rilakkuma & Hello Kitty, Pink & Frills, Oshare and Visual Kei, Vintage and Steampunk, Art, books, millions of books, good films. James McAvoy, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Tom Hiddleston, Martin Freeman, Robert Sheehan, Ben Barnes, Jim Sturgess, Jamie Bell, Jamie Campbell-Bower, Michael Caine, Jude Law, Rubber Ducky Jr., Natalie Portman, Emily Browning. X-Men First Class, Thor, Heartless, A Knight’s Tale, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, Misfits, Angelic Pretty, Putumayo, Black Peace Now, Sex Pot Revenge, BtssB, Atelier Pinky

STYLE: Oshare Kei and Sweet Lolita
STYLE INSPIRATION: Lunie-Chan, Cadney, Jude Law, Miku
BRANDS: Angelic Pretty, Rex Pot Revenge, Putumayo
SHOPS:Zara, H&M or online

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Are you a boy? No boy, but pansexual.

Where do you live? Berlin, Germany, Midgard, the nine realms.

How old are you? I am older than you think. I could be your mother.

What’s your job? I work as a Mangaka, write books for children. stuff like that.

You mean drawing is your job? And writing, yeah. It is not the easiest job.

And your hobbies? England, Cosplay, Lolita, taking photo, reading, comics, cinema, karaoke.

How tall are you? 172cm that makes 5’7”. I am a little too tall for Lolita-Fashion.

Where do you buy your clothes? I get them from angelicpretty.com and dunkelsuess.de.

Where do you buy your shoes? Again - dunkelsuess.de or secret shop, Qutieland or Clobbaonline.

Where do you buy your make-up? Local shops, like Ihr Platz,Rossmann, Drospar, Schlecker and from MAC.

Where can I buy your books and Mangas?

You never mailed back? Try again. Shit happens. I sometimes just forget it. does not mean I don’t want to or hate you. I have about 2000 mails waiting and dunno how to manage.

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